Wing Chun Boxing Lesson – Entering From The Straight Jab

Wing Chun Kung Fu includes a wealth of empty-hand boxing techniques. Although the art is a bare-knuckle boxing method, these tactics can be applied to the same practice with gloves.

In this video, we share one sample entry against an opponent’s probing straight jab. Once you become adept at connecting with their arm as it extends, you can then work on adding spiral force to create openings. The Wing Chun style includes a number of spiraling methods that make it unique and very effective. This is the first step in a progression where we look for the footwork and hand redirection against a single direct punch, and then eventually explore the other option against a two-count combination.

Thanks to my demonstration partner and to those who attended this workshop. Stay tuned for more footage from the archives coming soon.

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Footage captured at the Practical Self Defense Training Center:

Master SifuWing Chun Boxing Lesson – Entering From The Straight Jab

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