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To be considered seriously for enrollment in one of our programs, we need to know some more about the individual looking to take study. With Martial Arts Knowledge comes great responsibility, we reserve the right to deny enrollment to anyone for any reason.

CT Wing Chun

School of Kung Fu

The Wing Chun System of Kung Fu consists of martial art training programs focused specifically on self defense, mental fortitude, and total body fitness. Study topics include strategy, goal planning, self discovery, lifestyle discipline and overall physical wellness.

Self defense material features hand, elbow, knee, foot, as well as sweeping and grappling. Advanced study material includes the Shaolin Wooden Dummy, Shaolin weaponry such as the staff and double sword/daggers. Our school’s enrollment is currently invitee only, with interviews available only through referral. We are not currently accepting new public students.

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Wing Chun is a martial art system that features total body, mind and spirit cultivation through traditional Kung Fu routines and regular weekly classes. Kung Fu study material is taught using a classical practice of the Yip Man System of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Today’s version of this martial art, is a powerful and intelligent hand-to-hand combat system. We offer focused course material on each component of the traditional Wing Chun System.

It should be said that when using the Wing Chun style, we do not practice “self defense”, instead, we use “the attack to defend.” This ancient formula is successful when we use the approach in combat, physical body training, and our daily lives.

Arts with in the Art

Martial Strategy

• Fitness as Lifestyle

• Tactile Reflex

• Breath Work/Chi Gung

• Form/Meditation

• Two Man Drills

• Wooden Dummy

• 8 Ft. Staff

• Double Sword/Dagger

• Instructor Training