Wing Chun Forms & Chi Gung – Exploring Traditional Chinese Medicine Charts

In this episode we explore traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)charts and how they might tell us a bit about our health and our vitality. A little discussion on how they relate to various symptoms and what we can do to fortify ourselves using Chi Gung and Kung Fu training. Every martial artist should look at the…

Ng Wah Sum Wing Chun from Hong Kong. A Look at Leung Sheung’s Wing Chun Kung Fu. Commentary

In this episode we explore the similarities and differences between styles of Wing Chun. As it relates to the Yip Man lineage, and his students from Hong Kong. This video features Grand Master Ng Wah Sum demonstrating the Forms he learned from Leung Sheung, while studying in Hong Kong. The footage filmed sometime in the…

Yip Man’s Wing Chun from Foshan China. Lun Gai’s Wing Chun Kung Fu. Commentary

Wing Chun Kung Fu comes from many places in the eastern worlds. In this video commentary, we explore a student of Yip Man, when he lived in Foshan China. The student’s name is Lun Gai, or spelled Lun Kai, and he calls his style Foshan Wing Chun. At least in the original source files were…

Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do – Self Defense Seminar Sunday March 27th 2022

Register at this link.   Self Defense Seminar – Jeet Kune Do & Wing Chun March 27th 2022

How To Use The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy – Section 3 & 4 Introduction Tutorial

 Learning Wing Chun on your own is always a challenge, centuries ago, the grand masters in the Shaolin arts devised a training tool that would supplant the missing partner in the times when no partner was available. This training tool is none other than the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. In Cantonese, the device is…

Yip Man Wing Chun Forms – Archival Footage Commentary

 In this video release, I’m sharing some candid thoughts and commentary about the footage of Grand Master Yip Man. This footage was taken only a few weeks before his passing, and is a beautiful piece of archival history for those that study the Yip Man Wing Chun Lineage.  Fast forward 50 years from the…

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Wing Chun Kung Fu is Not For Everyone.

It’s for individuals who are ready to change their daily routine, lifestyle and mindset toward achieving your absolute best self. One month later, it’s for half those people. A year later it drops to only an handful of souls. 10 years later there might only be a few with the will power to live the lifestyle of the warrior.

It’s said that the path up the mountain leaves many on the trail lost to the wild. Only the ones with the will to achieve will follow the trail up the mountain. Having a Sifu is like having a guide up the mountain. Showing you the landmarks and pitfalls as you march on. Will you take the first step? Request Enrollment here at the form on this page.

“Finding a good Sifu is very hard, finding a good student is even more difficult.”

– Yip Man, Head of the Wing Chun Clan in Hong Kong circa 1960

Weekly Training Schedule.


Waterbury Kwoon
Open Gym – Member Only

Waterbury Kwoon
Adult Instructional Wing Chun – Invitation Only
w/Sifu D



Waterbury Kwoon
Open Gym – Member Only



Waterbury Kwoon
Open Gym – Member Only


New Milford Kwoon
Adult Instructional Wing Chun – Invitation Only
w/Sifu D


New Milford & Waterbury Kwoon
Private Workshops
Adult Instructional Wing Chun – Invitation Only
w/Sifu D

Enrollment Application.

Complete the following contact application completely, to be considered for our training groups.

If student is a child, please put parents name. Please tell us more about your child in the message box below.
To be considered seriously for enrollment in one of our programs, we need to know some more about the individual looking to take study. With Martial Arts Knowledge comes great responsibility, we reserve the right to deny enrollment to anyone for any reason.

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Wing Chun is a martial art system that features total body, mind and spirit cultivation through traditional Kung Fu routines and regular weekly classes. Kung Fu study material is taught using a classical practice of the Yip Man System of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Today’s version of this martial art, is a powerful and intelligent hand-to-hand combat system. We offer focused course material on each component of the traditional Wing Chun System.

It should be said that when using the Wing Chun style, we do not practice “self defense”, instead, we use “the attack to defend.” This ancient formula is successful when we use the approach in combat, physical body training, and our daily lives.

CT Wing Chun

School of Kung Fu

The Wing Chun System of Kung Fu consists of martial art training programs focused specifically on self defense, mental fortitude, and total body fitness. Study topics include strategy, goal planning, self discovery, lifestyle discipline and overall physical wellness.

Self defense material features hand, elbow, knee, foot, as well as sweeping and grappling. Advanced study material includes the Shaolin Wooden Dummy, Shaolin weaponry such as the staff and double sword/daggers. Our school’s enrollment is currently invitee only, with interviews available only through referral. We are not currently accepting new public students.

Arts with in the Art

Martial Strategy

• Fitness as Lifestyle

• Tactile Reflex

• Breath Work/Chi Gung

• Form/Meditation

• Two Man Drills

• Wooden Dummy

• 8 Ft. Staff

• Double Sword/Dagger

• Instructor Training

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Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes New Milford, CT

Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes Washington CT

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