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Connecticut Wing Chun School of Kung Fu

Connecticut Wing Chun School of Kung Fu offers instructional martial art class programs focused specifically on self defense, mental fortitude, and total body fitness. Study topics include strategy, goal planning, self discovery, lifestyle discipline and overall physical wellness.

Self defense material features hand, elbow, knee, foot, as well as sweeping and grappling. Advanced study material includes the Shaolin Wooden Dummy, Chinese weaponry such as the staff and double sword/daggers. Our classrooms offer a warm and welcoming training environment, with a class structure to take on beginners and advanced practitioners at any point. All of our programs are open enrollment, start your journey today.

Current Class Schedule 2019


Waterbury Group
Age 13+



New Milford Group
Age 13+

Waterbury Group
Age 13+



New Milford Kids Group
Age 5-12

Waterbury Group
Open Gym
Age 13+


Connecticut Wing Chun
School of Kung Fu.

Connecticut Wing Chun offers night time group martial arts classes for adults. Wing Chun is a rare Chinese martial art system that features total body, mind and spirit cultivation through traditional Kung Fu routines and regular weekly classes. The program is open to the public allowing new members to join anytime.

Kung Fu study material is taught using a classical practice of the Yip Man System of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Today’s version of this martial art, is a powerful and intelligent hand-to-hand combat system. We offer focused course material on each component of the traditional Wing Chun System.

It should be said that when using the Wing Chun style, we do not practice “self defense”, instead, we use “the attack to defend.” This ancient formula is successful when we use the approach in combat, physical body training, and our daily lives.


Shaolin on Bank Street

Press for immediate release: December 2019 Written by A.DiGuiseppi Shaolin on Bank Street. Bank Street in New Milford is now the place to learn a rare form of kung fu named “Wing Chun.” In English it means “The Eternal Song of Springtime.” Its name is a testament to a lifestyle and way of thinking—about life,…

2019 Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do Seminar Announcement.

A full day of lessons and learning with the resident Sifu's at the PSDTC. A perfect opportunity to learn how Wing Chun can integrate with JKD from kick boxing, boxing and grappling. Most Wing Chun schools only train Wing Chun, and only offer lessons on the single system.  This cross format day of Martial Arts...

Wing Chun Seminar December 16th 2018

Sign up at the gym or online. Notice: CTWCK & PSDTC members get a special price. Email Sifu Andy to be placed on the registration list.

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