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Shaolin on Bank Street


Press for immediate release: December 2019 Written by A.DiGuiseppi Shaolin on Bank Street. Bank Street in New Milford is now the place to learn a rare form of kung fu named “Wing Chun.” In English it means “The Eternal Song of Springtime.” Its name is a testament to a lifestyle and way of thinking—about life, work and of course personal protection. Like many other forms of Chinese Kung Fu, it is famous for using a refined philosophy alongside extensive body movement exercises and drilling routines. “Regular study makes you strong, but also relaxed and focused, and gives you awesome self-defense skills. I don’t know how most folks go through their daily life without some vehicle for mental and physical stress relief. This kind of art…

New T-Shirts New Graphics


A new inventory of T-Shirts just arrived. Now featuring a new design for the back of the shirts. A custom illustration by our very own Sifu DiGuiseppi, displaying the two Wing Chun animals; the Snake and Crane. Historically, the snake style and crane style were blended to form what we now see as the Wing Chun style. Using the Yin/Yang design, these two animals are locked in combat, each one aiming it’s weaponry at the other. Shirts are available by visiting the school and inquiring in person. We will have them ready for purchase in our online store soon.