Chi Sao Lesson 3. Entry method response to a running hand

This video is from a Public seminar taught in 2019. Featuring some concepts of “Sticking Hands” known to Wing Chun as “Chi Sao”. Here we’re discussing a few options from a Pak Da entry, where the opponent attempts to leak out and throw a hook, or hay maker against your entry. Sound is much better


Warrior’s Guild Episode 2 – Interview with Pro MMA Fighter Jesse James Kosakowski

Warriors Guild Episode 2. Our host Andy DiGuiseppi interviews Pro MMA Fighter Jesse James Kosakowski Andy and Jesse discuss some of Jesse’s most recent happenings, his offline training, his home routines. We discuss fitness, diet and fighter nutrition, as well as his experiences in the cage, and in various gyms in the state. Some nice


Warrior’s Guild Episode 1 – Interview with Guru Ron Kosakowski

In this interview with Guru Ron Kosakowski, we cover topics like the early UFC, and Ron’s history in the start of the first fights. His early investments to help get it all started. We also cover his time with the Gracie Jujitsu family and some of their early promotions. We also delved into his son


New Stickers Just Arrived.

New stickers just arrived and are free to anyone who asks. Using our snake and crane design that landed on our new T-shirts from this last season, we finally started to get the graphic produced on a variety of CT Wing Chun swag.  Put them on your shirt, your car, your water canteen, or on


Study finds that heel-down posture in great apes and humans confers a fighting advantage

Walking on our heels, a feature that separates great apes, including humans, from other primates, confers advantages in fighting, according to a new University of Utah study published today in Biology Open. Although moving from the balls of the feet is important for quickness, standing with heels planted allows more swinging force, according to study


Confidence and Martial Arts.

When you walk around all day knowing. This is a state of mind we should all be searching for.  Just a little bit of wisdom for us in the new year ahead.  For those that don’t have that feeling yet, get down to the kwoon and lets work on it!


New T-Shirts New Graphics

A new inventory of T-Shirts just arrived. Now featuring a new design for the back of the shirts. A custom illustration by our very own Sifu DiGuiseppi, displaying the two Wing Chun animals; the Snake and Crane. Historically, the snake style and crane style were blended to form what we now see as the Wing


Wing Chun strategy when confronting stronger opponents.

One of the hallmarks of Wing Chun Kung Fu is a primary theory and sets of techniques that allow a smaller and weaker opponent to over come a stronger or bigger one. It’s advised that when going into a full on altercation, one ought to consider a more strategic method, than one of just smashing


No Class on Halloween. 10/31/2016

Attention friends and students. We are going to skip class this Monday, 10/31. will resume class as normal on Weds. 11/3. Train on your own. !  Or hope to see you all on Wednesday. Have a safe and fun Halloween.


Wing Chun Foundation Lesson.

It’s a lot of discussion to explain the basics of why Wing Chun style stands a certain way. Fortunately, I covered this primary foundation topic at one of my last seminars. We started the day’s lesson with a discussion on why we stand a certain way, and how to work a few stance drills in