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Yip Man’s Wing Chun from Foshan China. Lun Gai’s Wing Chun Kung Fu. Commentary


Wing Chun Kung Fu comes from many places in the eastern worlds. In this video commentary, we explore a student of Yip Man, when he lived in Foshan China. The student’s name is Lun Gai, or spelled Lun Kai, and he calls his style Foshan Wing Chun. At least in the original source files were we able to determine some of that. Forget the place, look at the man, and the story behind his method of Wing Chun. In this video, you’ll see the similarities between what Yip Man taught to his other students years later in Hong Kong.  Some times, a student will pick up on a nuance, and then decide that needs to be done just that way each time he performs it. …