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Video Pass

Wing Chun can not be mastered by watching it in a video. It has to be practiced first hand. So why is a video pass even worth it then?  It's not like you can actually touch hands with anyone in that classroom? While this is true and extremely important to point out about online martial art video programs. The fact is, that video has changed the world. Video impressions of grand masters, masters and modern day practitioners, have allowed us all to grow far beyond what only one classroom could offer.  I've always tried to visit training groups that are out of my area of expertise, so that I could pick up tactile and real tangible experience in their methods.  It's a must.  So if...

New Stickers Just Arrived.


New stickers just arrived and are free to anyone who asks. Using our snake and crane design that landed on our new T-shirts from this last season, we finally started to get the graphic produced on a variety of CT Wing Chun swag.  Put them on your shirt, your car, your water canteen, or on your face.   In the design, you’ll find the traditional Wing Chun Characters written in Chinese letters.  The red letter form called out is the word “Kuen” which means fist, or boxing style.  So it’s a subtle way to give the shout out to the Wing Chun Fist! Which blends the historical systems of Shaolin Snake, and Shoalin White Crane.  Famously secret systems only found in remote areas in China…

New T-Shirts New Graphics


A new inventory of T-Shirts just arrived. Now featuring a new design for the back of the shirts. A custom illustration by our very own Sifu DiGuiseppi, displaying the two Wing Chun animals; the Snake and Crane. Historically, the snake style and crane style were blended to form what we now see as the Wing Chun style. Using the Yin/Yang design, these two animals are locked in combat, each one aiming it’s weaponry at the other. Shirts are available by visiting the school and inquiring in person. We will have them ready for purchase in our online store soon.