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Warrior’s Guild Episode 3 – Interview with Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Dr. Ken Hoffman

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Warriors Guild Episode 3. Our Host Andy DiGuiseppi Interviews Acupuncture and Natural Medicine Dr. Ken Hoffman Andy and Ken discuss some of his most recent happenings, his history in martial arts, his time in the armed forces, owning his own school, and traveling to Asia, as well has theories on ancient healing modalities and the body’s inner workings.  We took a deep dive into the science and logic of TCM and how acupuncture works, who it serves, who can benefit from it. As well as some commentary on supplements, and nutraceutical therapies to accompany his recommended health protocols. Thanks again for a great dialog. To learn more about the topics mentioned in the show check out the following links. To connect with Andy try one…

Warrior’s Guild Episode 2 – Interview with Pro MMA Fighter Jesse James Kosakowski


Warriors Guild Episode 2. Our host Andy DiGuiseppi interviews Pro MMA Fighter Jesse James Kosakowski Andy and Jesse discuss some of Jesse’s most recent happenings, his offline training, his home routines. We discuss fitness, diet and fighter nutrition, as well as his experiences in the cage, and in various gyms in the state. Some nice candid talk on Jeet Kune Do strategy, what makes an art work in the cage and how he feels the moments he’s in the spot light, back stage, the walk out, and more… Thanks again for a great episode. Those that were mentioned in the interview are linked below. To connect with Andy try one of the following links: https://ctwingchun.com/ https://www.facebook.com/connecticutwingchun/ https://www.instagram.com/wingchunkuentao/ https://www.instagram.com/diguiseppistudios/ To connect with Jesse on IG check…

Warrior’s Guild Episode 1 – Interview with Guru Ron Kosakowski


In this interview with Guru Ron Kosakowski, we cover topics like the early UFC, and Ron’s history in the start of the first fights. His early investments to help get it all started. We also cover his time with the Gracie Jujitsu family and some of their early promotions. We also delved into his son and Aspiring MMA fighter Jesse James Kosakowski, his fight management team Chess Moves Management, the camp that Ron has going, and details about his fighter conditioning regimen, at home training, and some unique Kun Tao / Kettle Bell work outs that he uses in his camp to build peoples leg muscles.  We also covered his company Traditional Filipino Weapons and their product lines, going into some candid detail on how…