Kung Fu, Survival Skills, and Native Teachings at Rowanwood Farm. Newtown, CT

We were recently invited to teach and share at a mixed discipline outdoor festival at Rowanwood Farm in Newtown, CT. The team at Eco Acres Earth School were beyond generous with their sharing of wisdom, knowledge and practice of living close to the land and thriving in nature.  The farm boasts a beautiful 20+ foot Traditional Teepee, as well as forest, animal fields, an active water source, a pond, and several out buildings that serve the weekly outdoor school classes being taught there. We were all honored with a “First Fire” and traditional firelighting ceremony in accord with what I understand are the Lakota tribal traditions.

Our workshops included a chi gung warm up and then double short sword introductory techniques. The students picked up the skills quickly and were given plenty of home work to help keep up their skills.  After the morning Kung Fu sessions, I was given the opportunity to be a student during the other workshops.  I was gifted with a wealth of traditional natural survival skills and tips. From reading the forest shape, to what plants are for eating, and which are for healing. We learned how to build several trap designs, and how to read various animal tracks and movement habits. The night time, included a view of the full harvest moon, and an astronomy lesson, as well as shadow and stealth work on the trails at night. I learned more in these three days that I’ve learned in years of dabbling in youtube videos.

The experience was nothing short of magic. We’re definitely planning to host this kind of outdoor event again in the other seasons, to learn how to thrive in the other weather types. Contact us to get on the mailing list to learn about the next event.

Please enjoy this photographic gallery of the scenes from the event.

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I go into the Forest with Love in my Heart and Arrows in my Hand.

– Colin James – Eco Acres Head Instructor

Knowledge Unshared is Worthless Knowledge.

– Grandma Nancy – Lakota Elder

There is only on Center or not on Center.

– Sifu DiGuiseppi – CTWK Head Instructor

Master SifuKung Fu, Survival Skills, and Native Teachings at Rowanwood Farm. Newtown, CT

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