January 2022


Yip Man Wing Chun Forms – Archival Footage Commentary

 In this video release, I’m sharing some candid thoughts and commentary about the footage of Grand Master Yip Man. This footage was taken only a few weeks before his passing, and is a beautiful piece of archival history for those that study the Yip Man Wing Chun Lineage.  Fast forward 50 years from the


How To Use The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy – Section 1 & Introduction Tutorial

Learning Wing Chun on your own is always a challenge, centuries ago, the grand masters in the Shaolin arts devised a training tool that would supplant the missing partner in the times when no partner was available. This training tool is none other than the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. In Cantonese, the device is named


Wing Chun Cross Hand Bridging Method – Learn Wing Chun Technique Entry Methods

Learning Wing Chun on your own requires at least some time with a willing training partner. In this Wing Chun technique entry, we’re looking at using the circular nature of a hand capture, with well timed entry methods. Wing Chun footwork is essential to put you right into a point of control at the entry.