Wing Chun Chi Sao Lesson – Outside Pressure Handling

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( Disclaimer – Turn your sound up a bit… sorry our Audio was recorded a little bit too low ! )

In this video we’re looking at an outside touch point reference, on the topic of Wing Chun Chi Sao.  When we translate “Chi Sao” form Cantonese into English, it roughly means “Energy Hands”. However, when we try to discuss the idea of “Energy” we have to define it further. Essentially, you can push, pull, lift, drop, spiral up, spiral down, and then connect, disconnect, all these have their way expressed when we learn Wing Chun Chi Sao. In martial arts, we explain the idea as a form of adhering and then reading of power intention. Then it all gets cross references to a player’s stance, and their awareness of all of these pieces in play at once.

In this 2019 Wing Chun seminar, we picked the Chi Sao topic and ran the entire day’s lesson plans through our standard routine of learning.
This video has been made available to the public, numbered video 2 in a series of 9 lessons. For access to the rest of the collection, you’d need to pick up a video pass. A one time purchase that will grant you access to our growing library of pass holder-only content. The library currently contains 25 video lessons with about 4 hours of footage.

We’d like to see you use those videos as a bridge between your at home training and your in class or one on one wing chun lessons.

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Master SifuWing Chun Chi Sao Lesson – Outside Pressure Handling

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