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Jeet Kune Do & Wing Chun Seminar 1-26-2020

Save the date. This event is scheduled to run on Sunday, January 26th. 2020.

This will be our 10th year hosting this same event!  Students from all around the east coast come out to spend the day learning and training in the methods of Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun.

These arts each share their own unique philosophy in the function of the body during combat and in combat training. How you train is how you fight, and how you fight is a result of how you train. For the day’s event’s you’ll find a mountain of content, with tons of details on what it takes to make the movements work. 

Sifu Ron Kosakowski.
For the JKD session Sifu Ron will be sharing the progression flow methods featuring Trapping-to-Take Downs and submissions. From just inside of boxing range all the way to the finish. Putting all the pieces together. For more information on his regular group classes visit this page.

Sifu Andy DiGuiseppi.
For the Wing Chun session Sifu Andy will be sharing a progressive flow of Wing Chun style kick boxing. Featuring the famous frontline kicks and long range hand techniques found in the advanced form sets. For more info on his regular group classes visit this page.

The Day’s Schedule:
9 am: Check in. Please be on time. 
10 am: JKD set begins. 
1 pm: Lunch break. 
2 pm: Wing Chun set begins. 
5pm. Group photo and Q & A