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Wing Chun can not be mastered by watching it in a video. It has to be practiced first hand.

So why is a video pass even worth it then?  It’s not like you can actually touch hands with anyone in that classroom?

While this is true and extremely important to point out about online martial art video programs. The fact is, that video has changed the world. Video impressions of grand masters, masters and modern day practitioners, have allowed us all to grow far beyond what only one classroom could offer.  I’ve always tried to visit training groups that are out of my area of expertise, so that I could pick up tactile and real tangible experience in their methods.  It’s a must.  So if you’re thinking, man I’ll watch some videos, practice a bunch and then I’m set.  This is at least a first spark of passion, so don’t let others discourage you for this thinking.  At the same time, you must be real with yourself, and hear only these words of wisdom… experience is the best teacher.  That said, I recommend visiting your local martial arts gyms, or taking the journey to go to regional seminars.  And if ever not possible, start your journey through these online Wing Chun videos and find a training partner!

With the positive spin, these videos are like you standing in the classroom with us. We’ve been capturing seminar and classroom footage for over a decade. Starting in 2020, this footage will be made available regularly through our members only video portal. Production takes time, and so we’ll be releasing episode by episode as the video production is completed.

If  you want to know more on a specific topic, please reach out and tell us what you think.

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