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Shaolin on Bank Street


Press for immediate release: December 2019

Written by A.DiGuiseppi

Shaolin on Bank Street.

Bank Street in New Milford is now the place to learn a rare form of kung fu named “Wing Chun.” In English it means “The Eternal Song of Springtime.” Its name is a testament to a lifestyle and way of thinking—about life, work and of course personal protection. Like many other forms of Chinese Kung Fu, it is famous for using a refined philosophy alongside extensive body movement exercises and drilling routines.

“Regular study makes you strong, but also relaxed and focused, and gives you awesome self-defense skills. I don’t know how most folks go through their daily life without some vehicle for mental and physical stress relief. This kind of art is like recess for adults.”
Quote: Instructor/sifu Andrew(Andy) DiGuiseppi, a 20-year practitioner of the art.

He considers his method to be “as close as possible to the way it was taught back in the early 1950s in Hong Kong.” During the class he regularly references the traditional martial history dating back to the Southern Shaolin Temple and the days of the old Ming Dynasty circa 1600s in Southern China. “It’s a piece of history and a jewel of knowledge I can’t help but keep alive and give away to others,” says DiGuiseppi.

The actor Bruce Lee was a student of the Wing Chun style under the late grand master Yip Man dating back to the late 1950s. Lee’s legacy and efforts here in America led to the proliferation of the art during a time when non-Chinese were not normally granted access to the knowledge.

Fast forward to today and we see Sifu Andy’s version of the arts have not lost their authentic flavor and tempo. “I like to offer a good workout and a rich knowledge base of techniques, gifted to me by the fellows who showed me the arts. I’m still learning constantly, and I am actively seeking practitioners with good intentions to share the art with.”

Sifu Andy holds a direct lineage to Yip Man as a 5th generation disciple. In his words, “The art is being kept alive through me and my students. The ones that practice and share it are the living art.”

“The Makery on Bank Street was the ideal location in my mind,” says DiGuiseppi. “It’s the jewel of the downtown.” For those unfamiliar with Makery Coworking (20 Bank Street), the inside hosts beautiful turn-of-the-century architecture with a warm, open atmosphere. The large windows that line the street front offer a great view of passersby taking a stroll along the Bank Street sidewalk. “There is no more beautiful storefront in the new Milford downtown, if you ask my opinion.”

Makery Coworking will be hosting Sifu Andy and his Wing Chun program as an ongoing weekly study group for teens and adults on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm.
Admission to this class is subject to an interview. Not all who apply will be accepted. The ideal candidate will be at least 13 years of age and have an attitude of readiness to learn.
Serious inquiries only. All candidates are welcome to observe a class at any time.

To enroll online fill out an application on the program website: Ctwingchun.com