Wing Chun Lesson Highlights From Our Last Workshop.

Caption: (Above ) This was the web flyer to support the day’s event. JKD in the AM, Wing Chun in the PM. 

There is nothing better then training martial arts all day. If you’re a life long practitioner, who loves the work out, a day workshop is often a great boost to an already running weekly routine.  In this last day workshop, the class got to study a progressive lesson plan, and get in some real nice reps. The video reveals only a couple of moments of each demo where I showed some possibilities of exchange for each entry.

My demonstration partners showed great trust letting me flow a few options on them. In my opinion, being able to get seriously close to the real energy and distance are really important to expressing good Wing Chun. It’s essential to have trusting partners, and folks who don’t mind getting tapped and thrown around a bit, in the spirit of good learning.

After my demo, I walk the room and go group by group to offer hands on explanations to anyone who doesn’t have the concept. And also so that everyone can feel the energy it takes to make it all work. There is no way I can show that much footage, so to get the real exposure and depth of learning, you really have to be in the room.
I always invite anyone with a passion or interest in growing their Wing Chun study to come visit and observe a group session, and of course actually feel the practice first hand. These full day seminars are a great way to get weeks of training into a single condensed day.

Stay tuned for more impressions of our Wing Chun training programs.

Master SifuWing Chun Lesson Highlights From Our Last Workshop.

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