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    2018 Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do Seminar


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    Join us for our annual Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do Seminar.

    The seminar will be hosted by the Practical Self Defense Training Center. And will feature a full day of study and training in Wing Chun Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do fighting arts.  My instructor in JKD, Sifu Ron Kosakowski will be sharing his extensive 40+ years knowledge and training programs during his portion of the day.   I will be sharing hand selected pieces of our system curriculum as a collection of ideas and training sets for both the beginner and advanced practitioner.  We promise a great workout and as much martial arts content as we can fit in the full day.
    Bring a note book, plenty of water, and any kind of lunch or snacks to keep you powered through the day.

    Questions and inquiries please contact Sifu DiGuiseppi.

    Jeet Kune Do Topic:

    For the Jeet Kune Do session taught by Ron Kosakowski – we will be featuring fighting material from Pangkamut/Panantukin, the filipino martial art connection that some of Ron’s teachers found worked beautifully in combination with the classical Jeet Kune do.

    From handwork, sensitivity drills for reflex development and a seamless flow into Filipino Dumog (Indigenous grappling and throwing systems from that region of the world) we’ll cover the standard JKD into grappling—with this unique twist—we promise this is going to be a real educational event. Looking forward to seeing the old time followers and some new folks at this event. We’ll see how the Jeet Kune Do concepts and it’s special mixture of combat arts work together as a martial science for both self defense and MMA.

    Wing Chun Kung Fu Topic:

    For the Wing Chun session taught by Andy DiGuiseppi – we will be covering core strategy concepts and foundation drills to build everyone up and then flow to entries, trapping, knock downs, and how to use “Adhering Theory” to gain leverage and positional advantage.

    You’ll learn many of the strategic fighting concepts that makes Wing Chun such a good nucleus system. We’ll cover power generation, body conditioning methods, and also details on how Wing Chun uses the legs to fight, at a distance and in close to sweep or knock an opponent down. We’ll also show how Wing Chun can be adapted to be used in MMA competition, and also for raw street self defense.