How To Be a Good Student

What does it take to be a good student?
How do you know if you are one?
How do you know if you are not one?

I’ve always considered myself a good student, and in all my experience I’ve always hoped that whom ever I was seeking information from would see me in the same light. But, I’m sure I probably cracked too many jokes, spoke out of turn, and made the same dumb mistake over and over again. I have to thank my teachers for their patience, and dedication to help me find my talent and hone in on my skills to find the best version of me. Every student / teacher environment is each a little different, so I know that some of the points in my list below are not entirely applicable to all, but perhaps many are.

I do not consider this to be an all inclusive list but certainly a good place to start. Perhaps they may serve the new student with a sense of the proper etiquette and attitude toward learning. And hopefully serve as a reminder to the veteran student, of what are the best practices in learning anything new.


What it takes to be a good student.

1. A Good Student shows up to class, even if they might feel tired or lazy and thinking they should skip.

2. They should look to find an equal exchange (of karma/life’s action) with their instructor.

3. To be a good student you must first arrive to something new, with a completely open mind.

4. When ready to begin learning, a good student must then find their center of awareness.
Hear the voice inside their head and tell them selves breath deeply, stay still, and actively pay attention.

5. In a classroom, a good student should observe all verbal and physical directions given by their instructor.

6. A good student knows that orderly behavior massively increases the efficiency of learning in a group.

7. One should make mental note of the protocols of the class room behavior and attempt to synchronize behavior.

8. They should never interrupt or speak when a Teacher is speaking, especially when they are explaining and demonstrating a technique or method.

9. During an obvious pause or when the instructor asks for questions, always confirm you have the understanding and are ready to get to work, or ask for more explanations or demonstrations if you are not clear about a detail and want to review it again.

10. Think of the classroom as a safe place to make mistakes. Mistakes are a good measure of ability.
If you continue to make mistakes, you need to pay more attention and make better mental notes.

11. There are always people who are better, and always people who are not as good as you. Remember this and always strive for your own personal best, rather than dwelling only on how you compare to others.

12. Knowing where you fit in your world, athletically, mentally, emotionally, will help you accept your current level, and gauge a baseline for improvements.

13. You are the most important person in your life. Take your self seriously, and seek a better version.

14. If you are happy while you work, a task will not appear as work.

15. Push your level of ability at every class.

16. Refine what you already know at every class.

17. Go home and take notes. make drawings, break down the topic so you understand it fully.

18. Take these notes to your teacher and ask for corrections or approvals.

19. When you reach the same level of skill as your teacher, never look to put them down or boast of your advancement. Instead, allow your teacher the chance to acknowledge the skill, and invite you to share this skill with the other students.

20. If some one challenges your ability, answer the challenge with diplomacy and true virtuous skill.

21. If you are defeated in understanding or ability, thank your opponent for the lesson, and add it to your notes.

22. A fool thinks himself wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. Keep studying endlessly, the learning is never done.

I wish I had more to add to this list, but for now, this is the best collection of items I could create. Stay tuned for updates or improvements to this list and I wish you all the very best on our journey to greatness.

All the best,
-Sifu DiGuiseppi

Master SifuHow To Be a Good Student

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