New Stickers Just Arrived.

New stickers just arrived and are free to anyone who asks. Using our snake and crane design that landed on our new T-shirts from this last season, we finally started to get the graphic produced on a variety of CT Wing Chun swag.  Put them on your shirt, your car, your water canteen, or on your face.   In the design, you’ll find the traditional Wing Chun Characters written in Chinese letters.  The red letter form called out is the word “Kuen” which means fist, or boxing style.  So it’s a subtle way to give the shout out to the Wing Chun Fist! Which blends the historical systems of Shaolin Snake, and Shoalin White Crane.  Famously secret systems only found in remote areas in China to this day. The fusion of the two arts was not a new idea, but these two fused together seemed to produce the most dynamic, deceptive and elusive yet powerful martial art system.

Locked in an epic battle, with both animals poised to attack the other.
I’d put my money on the crane winning the bout normally, so let’s assume the snake has some kind of venom. That’s the only way it could take down the birds claws and spear-like beak.

Come visit us in person and ask about stickers!
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Master SifuNew Stickers Just Arrived.