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Connecticut Wing Chun Seminar Footage 2016

This clip is one of dozens of tutorial sessions that happened at our annual Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do Seminar.  I teach the Wing Chun content for the day. Last year’s event we focused on the classical Wing Chun drilling sets called “Chi Sao”. Chi Sao translates to English to mean “Sticking Hands”, which attempts to give a catch all word to explain the way the Wing Chun method uses it’s principle of adhering.

If you stick to your opponents arm, and go with their moves, you’ll learn to eventually guide them around and with luck, control the situation in front of you.

For real functional skills, you need to attend regular weekly training sessions. These kinds of skills require hundreds of hours of reps in order to make them instinct.  Instinctual action is always going to be more effective than memorized sets and fixed patterns.  The patterns are set up to give us an auto reflex and habit of covering the various spaces in front of us.  A human can only connect in certain ways, and so we learn to identify those ways, and break down the clearest paths of entry.

Hope you enjoy this technique, and find a way to discover it in your own practice.