New Stickers Just Arrived.

New stickers just arrived and are free to anyone who asks. Using our snake and crane design that landed on our new T-shirts from this last season, we finally started to get the graphic produced on a variety of CT Wing Chun swag.  Put them on your shirt, your car, your water canteen, or on


Study finds that heel-down posture in great apes and humans confers a fighting advantage

Walking on our heels, a feature that separates great apes, including humans, from other primates, confers advantages in fighting, according to a new University of Utah study published today in Biology Open. Although moving from the balls of the feet is important for quickness, standing with heels planted allows more swinging force, according to study


Confidence and Martial Arts.

When you walk around all day knowing. This is a state of mind we should all be searching for.  Just a little bit of wisdom for us in the new year ahead.  For those that don’t have that feeling yet, get down to the kwoon and lets work on it!